Created by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities (LEH) in 1991, PRIME TIME became a distinct corporation and federal tax exempt public charity in 2004. PRIME TIME Inc. offers a set of unique, humanities-focused, and outcomes-based programs designed to engage new and underserved children and families. PRIME TIME programs are proven to generate long-term improvements in family engagement and student academic achievement. All PRIME TIME programs offer partner sites such as libraries, schools, museums, and other community service agencies research-based initiatives that directly engage children, parents, teachers, educational administrators, and the community in high-quality family-focused learning experiences.


Creating a literate society where a quality humanities education is accessible to all.


The mission of PRIME TIME® is to create the precondition for future learning among economically and educationally vulnerable families.


All PRIME TIME programs are based on a common, research-based, humanities-focued methodology for learning and teaching. PRIME TIME programs include:


PRIME TIME programs have been implemented all throughout Louisiana’s 64 parishes via grants and partnerships managed by the PRIME TIME, Inc. staff. The programs have also been implemented in 40 other U.S. states and territories via PRIME TIME Inc.’s Affiliate Network. From 1991 – 2015 PRIME TIME has:

  • Completed more than 2,000 programs nationally
  • Served more than 83,000 children and parents nationally
  • Trained nearly 2,000 educators and community-based professionals on program strategies


PRIME TIME programs aim to create communities in which children and their families develop into self-directed, self-motivated learners who are eager to absorb the world around them through literature, questioning/inquiry, and meaningful interaction with others. PRIME TIME programs are proven to:

  • Increase reading frequency
  • Improve reading attitudes and behaviors
  • Increase library patronage and parental engagement
  • Increase key cognitive skills
  • Increase vocabulary

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