All PRIME TIME initiatives are based on a common methodology featuring five elements of learning and teaching:



  1. Participant centered instruction and learning
Facilitate reading and discussion based on participant interests and responses.
  1. Socratic Method and Open-ended Questioning

Facilitate learning by asking, rather than telling. Ask follow-up questions to deepen the consideration and understanding of a subject or issue.

  1. Development of Higher-order Thinking Skills

Adhere to text and guide participants to compare and contrast, analyze, describe, predict, etc.

  1. Making Personal Connections
Guide participants to connect literature and discussion to other/personal stories, current events, film, music, poetry, artwork, or television, etc.
  1. Collective Learning Strategies Promoting Respectful, Diverse Audiences
Permit participants to engage with and learn from one another as well as from the instructor/facilitator via group discussion.