PRIME TIME Preschool introduces young children and their families to the humanities and to literature through age-appropriate storytelling and literary exploration via center-based play.

What is PT Preschool? An interactive program for the whole family featuring story sharing, literary exploration via play and group discussion
When does PT Preschool take place? Sessions take place between 4:30PM and 8:00PM for 90 minutes each week for 6 weeks
Where does PT Preschool take place? Schools ( public and charter), Head Start centers, early childcare centers, library branches, and community centers
Who is PT Preschool’s audience? Parents/Caregivers and their 3- to 5-year-old children
Who are PT Preschool’s partners? 
School boards, charter management organizations, Head Start centers, early childhood education centers, libraries, and community organizations

All PRIME TIME Preschool programs are free to participants and include complimentary books, nutritious meals, and door prizes. 

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A trained preschool facilitator reads and leads a group discussion of beautifully illustrated and award-winning children’s books which include classic stories as well as new tales that promote reading and school readiness. Another facilitator then leads the children and their parents through center-based activities based on the text that encourage increased comprehension and critical thinking. The program models strategies that encourage meaningful at-home reading behavior between parents/caregivers and their young children. 

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Request for Applications: PRIME TIME Preschool Programming Grants Available!

Deadline: Sunday, October 15th
Award Notification: End of November

Program Details:

PRIME TIME, Inc., a subsidiary of The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, is pleased to announce a call for applications for fully-funded PRIME TIME Preschool programs. PRIME TIME Preschool is a unique program for families with 3 to 5 year-old children that meets for 90 minutes once a week, for 6 consecutive weeks during after-school hours. The program engages young children and their caregivers in reading and humanities topics in a fun, interactive way. Partner agencies are chosen by application, and may specify the dates, times and location of their programs. Staff members from the selected organizations are trained to deliver all aspects of the programs with support from the PRIME TIME home office, in New Orleans. 

Each PRIME TIME Preschool Grant includes:

  • Training for 3 site-based team members – 1 program coordinator and 2 preschool facilitators
  • Stipends for 3 site-based team members – $500 for program coordinator and $750 for facilitators
  • Program support stipend for meals, transportation, door prizes and program supplies
  • Curriculum materials – manuals for site-based teams and book sets for participating families to add to their home libraries
  • Promotional material kit for family recruitment and generating community support – customized fliers, brochures, and posters; and
  • Technical support from PRIME TIME staff before and during the program.

 Eligible PRIME TIME Preschool grant applicants must:

  • Be licensed childcare facilities or schools
  • Serve three to five-year-old children from educationally and economically vulnerable families

PRIME TIME Preschool grant application information:

Click here to access details on the PRIME TIME Preschool grant and application completion guidelines.

Additional Information: