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Program Coordinator


90 minutes per week for six weeks; planning and preparation time varies


$500 per 6-week program

  • Employed by the host site
  • Understands the community in which the program will operate
  • Proven ability and willingness to lead a team project
  • Proven ability and willingness to organize program logistics effectively and in a timely manner
  • Understands principles of family engagement
  1. Attend a PRIME TIME Training before the start of the program
  2. Adhere to program policies and strategies in support manuals and online resources.
  3. Work effectively as a team leader to ensure program success
  4. Schedule and lead an organizational meeting for all team members one month before program start date
  5. Identify two preschool facilitator to conduct program sessions
  6. Prepare all necessary materials for each program session
  7. Provide a comfortable and suitable environment for the PRIME TIME program
  8. Provide healthy meals and door prizes using program support stipend and donations
  9. Inventory and store program books
  10. Distributing brochures and posters to recruit participants
  11. Recruit and enroll up to 15 families
  12. Ensure 10 individuals from the target population attend each program session
  13. Call participants each week to remind them to attend program
  14. If transportation is needed, identify mode of transportation and driver and establish route
  15. Promote library services and community resources (5-10 minutes) at each session
  16. Award certificates to participants on final session
  17. Understand data collection and reporting obligations (See Data Packet)
  18. Submit an accurate and complete program data packet and final report within 30 days of the final program session

Preschool Facilitator – Two needed


2 1/2 hours per week, including 30 minutes before and after 90-minute program


$125 per session ($750 total)

  • Minimum CDA certificate or associate’s degree
  • Minimum of 2 years experience working with preschool-aged children
  • Experience working with preschool families and parents
  • Understands child development and developmentally appropriate practices
  • Understands the principles of early literacy acquisition
  • Familiar with exploratory center work
  • Understands principles of family engagement
  • Can communicate effectively with parents in a warm, encouraging way
  • Can communicate respectfully with young children in a warm, friendly way
  • Demonstrates the ability to generate excitement and enjoyment around reading with young children.
  1. Attend a PRIME TIME Training before the start of the program
  2. Present pre-literacy activities and attend to the needs of 3-5 year olds along with parents and volunteers
  3. Prepare an interactive book sharing experience for each session
  4. Prepare a book sharing experience and three exploratory centers each session
  5. Manage the Book Walk activity
  6. Acquire and manage Preschool center supplies
  7. Provide instruction for program volunteers
  8. Stimulate children’s minds with an interactive book sharing including songs, finger-plays, puppets, discussion, and exploration time
  9. Implement corresponding Picture-graph Questionnaires for each weekly title
  10. Assist in room set-up and clean up
  11. Work effectively as part of a team to ensure program success
  12. Adhere to program policies and strategies in support manuals and online resources

Site Mentor


1-2 site visits (90 minutes each), and phone/web communication


$350 per 6-week program

  • Minimum of a master’s degree in early education or a related field
  • Minimum of three years’ experience in early childhood education
  • Knowledgeable in the PRIME TIME Preschool model
  • Skilled in mentoring teachers
  • Tactful and supportive manner when working with others
  • Promotes the program model without compromising quality
  • Available for and responsive to the needs of the program personnel
  1. Conduct one site visit on the 2nd and/or 3rd program session
  2. Monitor the program for quality and adherence to the PRIME TIME Preschool model in person, and email or phone as necessary
  3. Make suggestions for improvement of the program as necessary in a tactful manner
  4. Coach or model correct implementation of the various aspects of the program as needed
  5. Inform PRIME TIME staff members if serious diversions from the program model exist or persist
  6. Be available for consultation and problem solving as needed by phone, online, or in person

State Director


90 minutes 4 weeks (1 visit to each library); planning and preparation time varies


No stipend available for this position The sponsoring statewide or regional humanities, library or school agency will designate a professional staff member to serve as the project director.

  1. Attend at least one Project Director’s Meeting and Training Workshop
  2. Recruit sites to serve the target population
  3. Assist with recruiting qualified team members for each site
  4. Monitor sites, field questions, and conduct site visits
  5. Act as liaison between the Program team and the PRIME TIME staff
  6. Identify opportunities for continued programming

Site Monitor

  1. Creates and sends application decision packets/letters
  2. Creates and maintains program folders
  3. Chooses and contracts with non site-based team members
  4. Ensures timely receipt of application agreements from approved sites
  5. Ensures timely processing and receipt of program support stipend
  6. Contracts site mentors
  7. Ensures team member training
  8. Ensures mentors understand their role, receive copies of the mentor protocol, conduct necessary site visits, and complete complete the necessary reports
  9. Ensures team member and mentors access to program planning, implementation, and reporting resources
  10. Provides direct guidance to team members on issues that cannot be resolved by the mentor
  11. Conducts a site visit when necessary
  12. Ensures team member comprehension of program policies
  13. Ensures team member comprehension and completion of data obligations
  14. Ensures timely program closeout
  15. Ensures timely processing and receipt of mentor and team member stipends
  16. Evaluates mentor performance at the end of each term
  17. Completes a site monitor checklist for each site


Volunteers may be used to assist the program coordinator and community organizer with implementation tasks. Possible volunteer groups to contact: Friends of the Library, church groups, fraternities and sororities, Mortar Board, Key Club, Altrusa Club, library science classes or library club members (to present stories for 3-5 year old group).