PRIME TIME Head Start will achieve full operation during the Fall of 2017. At that point, 555 students and their families will be served.

PRIME  TIME Head Start is a proud participant in the 2017-2018 OPENetwork Common Application Enrollment period.  From March 15, to March 24, 2017, parents can complete an initial enrollment application for Head Start using the Common Application.  Applications will be accepted year round, so if you miss these dates, you can still apply.  View our enrollment flyer for additional information on the enrollment period and required documents.


During the first year of operation (2017), PRIME TIME will enroll students who were approved by the previous Head Start provider. Because the number students served through this award has been reduced, there is a chance that all previously-approved students will not receive a spot in the PRIME TIME Head Start program. In an attempt to honor some of the approvals made by the previous provider, we have prioritized enrollment as follows:

  1. Current 4 year-olds who participated in the Head Start program last year, remain eligible, and are still in need of services will be enrolled first,
  2. Current 3 year-olds who were approved by the previous provider to participate in the program this year, remain eligible, are still in need of services, and for whom space remains will be enrolled second.
  3. Current 3 and 4 year-olds who never participated and/or were not previously approved, are eligible, and for whom space remains will be enrolled last.

Families who were approved by the previous Head Start provider will not need to restart the application process. There is a chance, however, that additional documentation will be requested. Further, it is likely that you and/or your child will be asked to participate in PRIME TIME-specific screenings and orientations.

As center renovations and licensing near completion, PRIME TIME will reach out to families who were approved by the previous Head Start provider. Center-based enrollment will be prioritized according to the list above. Additionally, placements will be made according to geography and other Head Start enrollment requirements.