1. What is PRIME TIME, Inc.?

Created by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities in 1991, PRIME TIME offers a set of unique programs designed to benefit children and families. Our programs are proven to generate long-term improvements in family engagement and student academic achievement. PRIME TIME partners with libraries, schools, child care providers, and other community service agencies for program implementation. PRIME TIME has engaged children, parents, teachers, and educational administrators in high-quality family-focused learning experiences. To date, nearly 40,000 Louisiana residents have been served through over 1,000 programs in all 64 parishes. Additionally, more than 82,000 residents have been served through over 2,000 programs in 40 U.S. states. Click here to learn more about our programs.

2. Why is PRIME TIME, Inc. providing Head Start services now?

Under the Designation Renewal System of the federal Office of Head Start, PRIME TIME, Inc. applied to become the Head Start provider in Ouachita parish in May 2016. In mid-September 2016, the Office of Head Start notified PRIME TIME, Inc. that the application was approved.

3. Where will the PRIME TIME Head Start centers be located?

To date, PRIME TIME has not inherited any buildings from the previous Head Start provider. Since receiving the Head Start award in September 2016, the PRIME TIME staff has focused on identifying buildings in which students and their families can be safe and comfortable. Through relationships with the City of Monroe Housing Authority and the Ouachita Parish School Board, we have successfully secured 2 facilities for the Head Start program in Ouachita Parish. Learn more about our current facilities here.

We continue to search for 2 additional facilities. Anyone with knowledge of suitable and available facilities can contact austin@leh.org with details.

4. How many children will PRIME TIME Head Start serve?

When fully operational, 555 students and their families will be served.

5. When will the PRIME TIME Head Start program begin?

The start date of the program relates directly to finding buildings. The staff is working with local architects and contractors to renovate the Head Start facilities at Robinson Place and Ransom. Construction must meet Head Start, state, and local requirements for licensing. The staff will work to complete licensing paperwork with the hope that the buildings can pass all inspections quickly. Estimated time frames for renovating each facility can be found here.

6. My child was approved by the previous provider to receive Head Start services this year (2016 – 2017); will my child be approved by your organization as well?

During the first year of operation (2017), PRIME TIME will enroll students who were approved by the previous Head Start provider. Because the number students served through this award has been reduced, there is a chance that all previously-approved students will not receive a spot in the PRIME TIME Head Start program. In an attempt to honor some of the approvals made by the previous provider, we have prioritized enrollment according to the list below. Click here for additional details. 

  1. Current 4 year olds who participated in the Head Start program last year, remain eligible, and are still in need of services will be enrolled first,
  2. Current 3 year olds who were approved by the previous provider to participate in the program this year, remain eligible, are still in need of services, and for whom space remains will be enrolled second.
  3. Current 3 and 4 year-olds who never participated and/or were not previously approved, are eligible, and for whom space remains will be enrolled last.

7. If my child was approved by the previous provider to receive Head Start services during the 2016 – 2017 school year, will I need to re-apply for the program?

If the previous provider shared your child’s enrollment file with PRIME TIME Head Start, you will not need to restart the enrollment process. There is, however, a chance that additional documentation will be requested. Further, it is likely that you and/or your child will be asked to participate in PRIME TIME-specific screenings and orientations.

8. When and how will enrollment decisions be made?

As center renovations and licensing near completion, PRIME TIME will reach out to families who were approved by the previous Head Start provider. Center-based enrollment will be prioritized according to the list in question number 6. Additionally, placements will be made according to geography and other Head Start enrollment requirements.

9. Will PRIME TIME Head Start provide transportation services?

Due to funding limitations, PRIME TIME cannot directly provide transportation services. Enrolled families with transportation challenges will be supported in getting students to and from the program in other ways. Options are still being determined, but examples of support currently include carpooling assistance and gas card distribution. Center-based staff members will be tasked with connecting families in need to the available options.

10. What employment opportunities are available?

PRIME TIME Head Start will maintain a staff of professionals in the following areas: executive leadership, data analysis and reporting, teaching and classroom support, clerical and administrative support, educational coaching, family services, health and nutrition services, food services, and building services. Additional information on employment opportunities can be found here.

11. How do I apply for employment?

In order to be considered for employment, applicants must follow the instructions on how to apply found within each job description. Applications and inquiries must be submitted according to the instructions found within the relevant job description(s).

12. What kind of skills, education, and knowledge will I need to be considered for employment?

The requirements for each position are different. Please review the job descriptions that are most relevant to your background and interests for specific requirements.

13. What kind of Head Start program will PRIME TIME, Inc. provide?

A leading provider of humanities-based, family programs, PRIME TIME will rely on its strength as a builder of effective partnerships. By collaborating with local and national leaders in education and family engagement, PRIME TIME Head Start will bring a relentless focus on positive child and family outcomes to close the achievement gap and build a better future for children, families, and communities served by the Head Start program. Learn more here.